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Version Differences

Official 1.1

This is the version of the game that was initially released. When you install from the CDs, this is what you are getting.

Official 1.2

Official Patch Notes

  • Fixed C++ Runtime error on launch of the game due to older versions of Python interpreter.
  • Fixed Invalid dialog responses due to older versions of Python interpreter.
  • Fixed problem where keys and keycards may disappear from player’s inventory.
  • Fixed problem where binding either Enter or Right Mouse Button to the Use key would cause the inventory window to immediately close after opening. These bindings are now no longer permitted.
  • Added “Inventory Full – Items Dropped” message when player receives items beyond the inventory limit and added inspection particles to the dropped items. This addresses the issue with cameras being lost in the “Model Citizen quest.
  • Fixed problem where a player would have both the vampire and warform models stuck together when both Fortitude and Protean (level 5) are activated.
  • Fixed crash to desktop when the player returns to the boat after rescuing Johansen from the Society of Leopold.
  • Fixed problem where the newspaper would report success in the “Model Citizen” quest even though the player had failed it.
  • Fixed problem where the player can log on to the Theater computer before receiving the “Tangled Web” quest from Mitnick.
  • Fixed problem with haven mailboxes not receiving award for completing the food critic quest. quest.
  • Modified E dialog so that it is easier to receive the “Thinned Blood” quest.
  • Modified Regent dialog so that he now recognizes completion of the Gargoyle quest.
  • Modified Isaac dialog so that he now recognizes completion of the King’s Way and Gargoyle quests.


No experience glitch. Does not crash randomly (see NASA2017 “run”) or at least not as often. Perhaps other differences yet known?

Unofficial Patch

The current mainstay of the casual Bloodlines player. Maintained by Wesp5, or Werner Spahl.

True Patch Gold

A series of unofficial patches created by Tessera. It was meant to be a repair patch that only fixed bugs and problems with the shipped content, seen as a purist patch as opposed to the Unofficial Patch being a mod. The UP introduced two versions of their patch, a basic and a plus version, because this patch and it's team accused them of making large alterations to the game.

As of yet, this patch has not deeply been looked into for speedrunning purposes.



A mod designed by _xMAX_ that seems to make specific speed strats harder. Based on the Unofficial Patch.


Camarilla Edition

The Final Nights

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