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This is a list of all confirmed quests in vanilla Official Version 1.2. Confirmed means that it is a quest which can show up in your active quest log, and either be completed or failed.

Confirmed Quests

discovering new quests and distinguishing between vanilla and unofficial is complicated

☆ - Indicates quest is completed in any%

Does Not Complete (?)

Ming Must Die!

Santa Monica

Main Quests

Wherefore Art Thou Mercurio? ☆
Surf's Up ☆
The Ghost Haunts at Midnight ☆
Bad Blood ☆
Sibling Rivalry ☆
Explosive Beginning ☆

Side Quests

Out For Blood
Mudd Hunt
Bloody Mess
Jumpin' the Bail
A Bounty for the Hunter
Spiritual Release ☆
The Hunted Hunter
Replanting A Lily
The Pain Of Being Mercurio
Thinned Blood
Carnival Of Death


Main Quests

Elizabethan Rendezvous ☆
Calling Dr. Grout ☆
Patron of the Ancient Arts ☆
The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus ☆ (?)

Side Quests

The Enemy Of My Enemy
Hell At The Hotel Hallowbrook
Society for the Preservation of Professors
And Her Name Was Venus
A Confession
Occultish Personality
More Fun With Pestilence
Attention Whore
Fun With Pestilence
Jyhad For Beginners


Main Quests

Dead Ex ☆
Snuff is Enough ☆
Going The Way of Kings ☆
I Spy Barbabus

Side Quests

A Dish Best Served Cold
A Tangled Web
Gargoyle Removal Service
B Rated Writer
Hot Stripper Assassin Action!
Pimpin' for Romero
Hunters Hunting
Cover Girl
Model Citizen


Main Quests

Original Gangster
Dragon's Tail
Come Into My Parlor
Italian Dinner

Side Quests

The Hitman Impasse
Bad Luck Farmer
Eye Gouge Hell
Gone Fishin'

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