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Experience Glitch

Exclusive to version Official 1.1. This glitch allows the player to place more beginning experience in the character creation screen than intended.

Each Clan gets a certain amount of beginning experience to spend in either Attributes, Abilities, or Disciplines. For any% with Nosferatu, you begin with 3 points Attributes (1 in Physical, 2 in Mental), 6 in Abilities (1 in Talents, 3 in Skills, and 2 in Knowledge), and 1 in Disciplines. You need to spend these points in order to move on from the character creation screen.

After placing the initial points, you can click on Base which takes you back to the Clan/Gender selection screen. By choosing the same Clan from the dropdown menu and hitting next, you will be taken back to the Sheet screen and be given back the initial experience points, with the points placed earlier still on the sheet. You can continue to do this until you fill up on all of the available stats. For Nosferatu, that's Physical, Mental, Talents, Skills, Knowledge, and Disciplines. Once you are finished, you continue by either leaving space on the sheet to spend the final initial experience points to allow you to accept and move on, or reset the sheet from the base one final time and hit the Auto-Spend Points button.

Memory Leak

For reasons currently unknown, the game can sometimes begin to replace certain objects with other objects. For example, the doorknobs in the museum have turned into the handtruck dollies. This requires restarting the game to fix.

Dropping Items While In Use

While either holding an object or using a melee-weapon stealth kill and then pressing backspace, your character will drop whatever they are holding.

In the former instance, you can drop you character's prop hand item which is the character's ability to pickup items. You will lose this ability until you pick the prop hand back up.

In the latter instance, you can drop whatever melee-weapon you are using to stealth kill. This will instantly end the stealth kill, canceling the kill's animation. You need to pick your weapon back up afterward.

Officer Heinz

On the Elizabeth Dane, Officer Heinz will constantly say, “Hey pally, over here.” even after you have spoken to him. He will interrupt the current conversation to interject this line, making it harder to select dialogue options. Even after helping you remove the guard and handing you the police report, he may still be stuck in this loop.


The Asylum Bathroom

During the current any% route, if you enter the upstairs bathroom in Tourette's room during the twin's argument, the door will permanently lock after Jeanette “runs” into the bathroom. You cannot lockpick out.


Upon entering the conversation with Tourette, she will never turn to speak with you if you are not far enough into the room, thus softlocking you in the initial cutscene.

Officer Chunk

60 fps Conversations

Some conversations have initial cutscenes that require a limited FPS to function properly before you can select dialogue options.

Vandal Cleaver

In the Blood bank section of the Santa Monica Hospital.


In downtown Confessions nightclub.

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