VTMB Absolutely Unofficial True Patch Platinum


DOWNLOAD: lurk.moe/vtmb/bloodlines-autpp.zip


This "patch" was put together by lurkchan as a way to speedrun the most vanilla possible version of Bloodlines that's still functional.

VTMB Wiki: lurk.moe/vtmb
Twitter: @lurkchan
Twitch: /lurkchan

To Install:

1. Install Bloodlines 1.1 or 1.2, whatever version you are looking to play. We're assuming your main Bloodlines folder below is \Vampire - Bloodlines\.
2. Unzip the bloodlines-autpp.zip. You'll see four files: engine.dll, shaperapidx9.dll, vampire.dll, and vampire.exe. 
3. Copy the engine.dll and shaperapidx9.dll to ..\Vampire - Bloodlines\Bin\
4. Copy the vampire.dll to ..\Vampire - Bloodlines\Vampire\dlls
5. Copy the vampire.exe to ..\Vampire - Bloodlines\

Yes, overwrite the original files. 

6. Play the video game. 

Quality of life setup:

Remember to set hotkeys so you can change fps_max while in game, otherwise you will have a difficult time interacting with physics puzzles and doors. 

1. Locate the config.cfg files in ..\Vampire - Bloodlines\Vampire\cfg and open it with Notepad
2. Choose which hotkeys you want to use and add the following lines to the bottom of the file:

bind "MOUSE4" "fps_max 60" 
bind "MOUSE5" "fps_max 300"

In the provided example, MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 are the side mouse buttons used for the hotkeys.

3. Save the file. 

Enable Console from Shortcut:

1. Right-click the shortcut to the vampire.exe and go to properties
2. Append to the Target line at the end outside of the quotations: -console

Example: \vampire.exe" -console

Useful Console Commands:

fps cl_showfps 1 - show your game's fps in the top right corner.
fps cl_showpos 1 - shows your character's position on the loaded map, including player velocity
noclip - get unstuck and fly anywhere you want


vampire.exe from the Unofficial Patch: http://www.planetvampire.com/forum/ & http://www.patches-scrolls.de/patch/4647/7
vampire.dll also probably from the Unofficial Patch, or Steam. 
engine.dll and shaperapidx9.dll hexedited by lurkchan following instructions from: https://iain.cx/articles/bloodlines/index.html?intro
(You can also use the engine.dll and shaperapidx9.dll from the Unofficial Patch if you feel like it)