post-2017 stuff

i finally lost the vtm bloodlines any% record, so proud of icyspeedfriend

i improved a few times: oregon trail, trespasser, daffy, and vtm bloodlines. i learned new runs: vtm redemption & postal 2

really fell off streaming toward the end of the year, been barely doing anything live. my channel didn't grow or die the entire year, oddly enough. my new speedplans combined with the super sd coming in for my pcengine so i can emulate all of the cd games in addition to the tg16 library i was already streaming through earlier in the year, should reinvigorate my desire to stream more often. or maybe it won't, but i'll give it a try

beginning of the next semester i intend to start job hunting again while continuing on with my current job. i'm happy where i'm at, although the institution isn't in the best place monetarily. my expectation was to stay at this job for 2 years, and after the next semester i'll have reached that point. it's either time to move up, or move on

2018 stuff

i will finish routing and do runs of vtmb all quests. i've put it off for far too long and not for good reasons. any% had a lot of new routing changes thanks to lauri and icy, so what little running i've been doing went into focusing on the any% route. i still haven't come back to it with the improved route, as a 39 minute rta is totally possible. i also haven't done any runs on my new desktop, i haven't quite figured out the right settings for everything and all that overclocking nonsense

for anyone not familiar with where i was at in routing all quests, i had found out that nosferatu cannot complete the romero hollywood graveyard quest by bringing romero a prostitute and you have to actually fight off the zombies. gangrel was looking really good up until 2 back-to-back stealth quests in hollywood where any detection is instant quest failure. this leads me to believe that using malkavian will likely be the clan i use, since they're the only other clan with obfuscate. you'd think the weird dialogue options might cause an issue, but most of them are the same as every other clan. the real worry is they have low damage output, especially at the beginning. regardless of clan i need to map out all of the dialogue choices - physically moving and being able to complete all the quests is already routed

i'm also getting back into nes metroid with the iceless kraid route for warpless any%. it's really stupid and i'm not going to stream myself learning it, but i am doing it in my own time. i have to be comfortable enough with entering and leaving kraid before i'll stream the game. this will take a long time

postal 2 i learned because colin is an idiot, but some new routing stuff is happening so i'll learn that. it's actually a really charming run and i've enjoyed it for the most part. i'm thinking a top 5 time would be a neat accomplishment for a game i'm not super passionate about and wasn't even intent on learning. my time is very improvable given it was my first completed run, and i'm already at 8th place

i eventually need to get back into castlevania chronicles and achieve the deathless run i wanted. i haven't given this game the time it deserves, and given the above, i don't have a lot of time to spare for it. once i complete some other goals i'll come back to this game

i learned vtm redemption, finally. i have some interest in attending rpg limit break and submitting this, but i'm not sure how interested i am in improving the time i already set. it's the longest game i've ever run at a little under 3 hours, as well as one of the most random games since everything is controlled by dice-rolls. it was really nice to finish this run though, it felt like every semi-popular vtmb stream i had someone would ask if i had or would run vtmr, and now i can say that i can

nasa is really coming along both as an event and as an organization. i don't want to get into much detail as to what that means, but it's stuff i'm excited about. no major opinions in particular is an interesting project for me since i had done time attack news in the past. i hope the infant podcast can grow into something really cool and respectable, like the sunday sequence break except still uniquely our own thing

lastly, i want to change up this website and make it into something aesthetically different. i'm not the best when it comes to html and css, especially the new stuff, but i'll try to learn and ask for help along the way. the most use this site gets is from the vtmb wiki, which is no surprise. i won't dedicate the site to the wiki, but i do want to expand it along with the rest of the site

well that's it, thanks for reading my end of the year blogstuff, i always enjoy reading others (:

i was supposed to put archive links down here to the past updates i've made but i haven't yet so just wait ok KEEP WAITING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa@@@