i have stream plans again 👸

in addition to running bloodlines i'm going to stream tg16 (again) and sharp x68000 games. this time i'll keep a list of the games i like instead of just playing each one and moving on when i get bored. i'd like to add pc98 in but i don't have the cd component thing for the core 2 grafx, only a turbo everdrive

i'm rusty af at bloodlines so i need time to get good again

lastly i needed to make a choice: metroid warpless with the new kraid iceless route, or getting good at castlevania chronicles. i'm doing both, but not at the same time. i'm choosing to do metroid first, i'll stream the learning process since i feel like i'll need the help

i'm still off coffee soda and everything else but water

almost 2 months in now

feels ok

i was supposed to put archive links down here to the past updates i've made but i haven't yet so just wait ok KEEP WAITING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA